Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Reading: Ada's Rules by Alice Randall

Currently I'm reading Ada's Rules, by Alice Randall.

After a year of stressing about finding work, a couple months of working part time, and a year of getting into the swing of a full time job, and in the midst of it all learning how to vacation, I'm discovering more and more about how to bring the old fun activities back into the mix. Was that a run-on sentence? Oh Well! Other than taking out moments during each day to have an affair with myself, I'm also reading.

When I was little the local library had reading challenges. One reading challenge involved reading 30 books between June and August. I took the challenge, read at least 30 books, and internalized everything. Well this summer the only person challenging me to read is me, but I'm taking this challenge head-on.

The first book is called Ada's Rules. This book is about a woman who gets an invitation to her 25th year college reunion. During this time she has to see the first love of her life, so she goes on a diet challenge. At the beginning she weighs 220 pounds, so she sets a goal of 100 pounds. However, during the challenge she learns so much about herself and life.

Ada's Rules is 334 pages long. However, since it's so good I'm already on page 257 since starting Sunday and plan to be finished by the end of today. Soon there were be a full analysis of each chapter and how I can use this to make changes in my own life.

Stay tuned. The summer reading has just begun.

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