Wednesday, September 12, 2012

50 Shades of Elle Varner (Pictures)

Elle Varner is one of those people that once you see them you can never take your eyes off of again. Of course for Ms. Varner this is because she's an amazing woman with a talent to match her personality. That must be why Stuff Fly People Like picked her to represent their blog for this month. Click the link to read the full article.

In the article she discusses several things about herself, including her fashion style.

“My style is fun, unpredictable, and unique. I wear a lot of bows and glasses as accessories.
I don’t wear things for shock value, but more to express how I’m feeling that day or in that moment. I
definitely like to push the envelope.”

The thing about pushing the envelope is everyone is doing it now. Elle Varner has her style, Lil Wayne has created some weird looking clothing line, Lupe Fiasco is continually reinventing himself to make his voice heard, and even Lil Kim has become more plastic in order to make herself stand out. I guess you can say we're living in a creative world.

Check out more photos below. I absolutely love the dress with all the colors in it. Where can I buy that?

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