Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Did Lil Scrappy Do Shay Wrong? #LHHATL

Or did Shay "Buckeey" Johnson play herself? And is Erica Dixon wrong for accepting that ring with pride and joy? I've been trying to figure this out all night.

Throughout the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Lil Scrappy spent a lot of time trying to blame his problems on Erica. At one point in his life he'd left her to be with the rapper Diamond, but on the show he tried to say she wasn't emotional enough. Her lack of emotion stemmed from the fact that Lil Scrappy messed up their trust by leaving her for another woman, which she had to find out through the media. On top of it, Lil Scrappy tried to convince Erica they needed space by moving into his own place. If he wanted more emotion from her, why leave? Then in the process of it Lil Scrappy started seeing Shay Johnson?

Shay claimed she didn't know Lil Scrappy had a woman.However, her mind was made up that Erica was not a good girlfriend to have anyway. Her story is that Lil Scrappy said that was just his baby mama. There were scenes in which Lil Scrappy repeatedly talked about his baby mama to Shay and she offered comforting words to his every complaint. He said he was single and Shay was ready to be in a relationship with him. He said his baby mama was trying to get child support out of him and Shay acted as if child support was the work of the devil. Then when Momma Dee and Shay discussed the asthma attack situation Shay only slightly wondered why Erica would be in the position to take Lil Scrappy to the hospital in the first place. Almost as soon as it crossed her mind, the thought was gone. Then came the episode where Lil Scrappy told Erica what they never really had was over. His heart was no longer in it.

While all of this was going on for the cameras to see, off camera Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson spent time arguing with each other on twitter. The reasoning for these arguments was because Lil Scrappy had been with them both. Erica stood her ground as more than a baby mama and Shay tried to play the very emotionally available woman that Lil Scrappy needed. Then came the reunion show.

Shay's feelings were hurt while Lil Scrappy did a ghetto marriage proposal to Erica. Every single word that came out of his mouth was spoken in slang. There was no real English. The proposal did not even sound rehearsed, but Erica was overjoyed when she received her ring. Shay, on the other hand, watched from a screen in the hallway of the studio.

Now I'm trying to figure out Did Lil Scrappy do Shay wrong or did she have it coming? This woman has had her heart broken on two different television shows on the same network. She should know the lies when they get said to her, right?

 Or was Erica the stupid one? Lil Scrappy has abandoned her twice, called her unemotional, and then pulls out a ring at the reunion show? Some might say Erica is setting herself up to keep getting hurt? Or better yet, is sit all Lil Scrappy's fault.

Clearly Lil Scrappy is an emotionally unavailable man most of the time. This is probably because Momma Dee makes him believe women should be licking his toes in order to show their appreciation. He lies and abandons these women all the time and then tries to sweet talk his way back into their life. There's a saying that goes "A man will do only what you allow him to do," so is Lil Scrappy playing these women or are they doing it to themselves by letting him stay in their life?

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  1. I was thinking the same thing as I watched the show last night. I think they are both dumb. However, Shay and Scrappy broke their friendship line once they slept together. Shay is desperate for fame, so she will ride whom ever's *ick that she can in order to do so, and it's about time that she got rid of that rat ass weave! Erica on the other hand wants to keep her family together and I understand that, but when a woman is fed up, you have to let it go. Scrappy is enjoying his dog status, and he is not all that to be arguing over anyway!