Sunday, September 9, 2012

What If The Journey Repeats Itself? Sunday Reflections

Moving On With A Fear Of Being Forced Back
What if I have to start all the way over again one day? This is the second time I'm moving out of my parents house. The first time was back in August of 2005.

Everything I could take was packed up. Clothes, shoes, some books to keep my mind preoccupied during the trip. Whatever I could not bring was deemed unimportant to the future. The bed I slept in, the dresser my clothes was stored in, the closet that I used to store more clothes, the nice book shelf/computer desk. After all was securely put in my father's truck all that was left for me to take was memories. Memories.

Those memories were supposed to stay with me forever while the past was supposed to stay in the past. My life was packed up and prepared to go on a journey. No looking back. New memories to create. Goals to make and accomplish. A man to meet along the way (maybe). A great career to start and never end (possibly). However, in 2010 months after graduating college I found myself pushed back to the same place. 

It was the same room, except for more of someone else's stuff stored away. The same bookshelf/computer desk, same dresser from five years before that, and same carpeted floor. I was 23 with a college degree, but somehow instead of moving forward I had to sleep in the same room from the times when I was 14- 18 years old. 

Now two years later I'm attempting the move again. Leaving behind the same old furniture, same old house, same green grass outside, and same neighbors for some place new. The goal is to move on with my life and try to chase happiness and success again. Will if it doesn't work out? What if the journey repeats itself? 

What if a year from now or five years from now I'm knocked back into that same room,  mirror, dresser, and bed, where childhood dreams were created? We're suppose to progress in life, right? 

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