Tuesday, September 18, 2012

His Addiction, Bedtime Story

On a Sunday morning in the middle of church he finds himself thinking about it. As the pastor preaches about abstinence, pregnancy tests, fathers being absent from their children's lives, and how all the problems of the world can be solved by following the word of God, he can only daydream about it. It feels like it's been a while, but he really just got some last night.

It came from a pretty girl. She was young, short, and shaped like a Barbie. She had a natural hairstyle, but dressed like one of the women from a music video. People from around the way said she was smart and even had a college education, but he didn't care. He wasn't mentally attracted to her. It was her physical parts that called to him, a special part of her that enticed his thoughts from the moment he saw her. It was her pussy.

He dreamed of getting into it. He dreamed of getting her alone in any room and spreading her legs apart. Whether it was a nice comfortable bedroom or a dirty warehouse did not matter. If all it took was an empty classroom and testing out how sturdy a teacher's desk was with their bodies on top of it intertwined together, he would have done it in a heartbeat. He wanted her pussy. He had to have it. It was what made him happy. It was what lit up his life.

He was not always a feign for her pussy though. There was a time in his life where he did not know what he liked. Nothing made him happy. Not recess or going to the park. Videos games didn't entice him. Sports games were a bore. Hanging with friends was not even an option. Nothing his parents did changed his mood. They always told stories about how he came out of the womb with a frown on his face. It was as if he was contemplating his place in the world from the very beginning. Many people say he spent the first 15 years treading through life. Then one day he all of a sudden perked up and smiled.

That was the day he learned about pussy. The lesson came from a wise old man on a street corner. The old man was skinny, had on a long coat from the winter cold, and did a whole lot of smiling. He wanted to know what there was to smile about at a time where it was freezing, but people were still forced to continue boring activities outside of their house. The old man's answer was one simple word.


For some reason even before he met the first girl that would let him get a special piece of her world he smiled. Something about the world pussy made him happy. So he planned out how he would get it. Well, actually he just planned to ask some random girl he always saw around. It wasn't hard either. She already liked him so she invited him over when her parents weren't home. She didn't want to come off too easy so she forced him to sit through a movie and then played some slow jams to set the mood. After some time she felt it was right, so she gave him exactly what he wanted. Neither of them knew what they were doing, but that didn't matter. When he slid himself into her tight wetness he was in Heaven.

Then he learned that being into exercising, sports, and videos games attracted women in more so he developed hobbies just to get more pussy. At the age of 20 some girl finally let him fulfill his fantasy of doing it against that wall. He wanted to see how the pussy felt under his total control. At 24 he met a flexible girl willing to try out many positions. At 25 he found out he was the father of a beautiful daughter. It scared him for a moment because he knew what the power of the pussy would make a man do. His daughter couldn't do through all that, but then his worries were put aside when his baby mama got back in shape and dragged him back into the bedroom for a memorable night of sexing.

He was in love. It was not necessarily with her, but what she possessed. He knew then that as long as he was able to get pussy there would never be a sad moment in his lifetime again. He was forever happy.

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