Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sleeping In The Living Room. Blog 2

Big Television. Comfortable Couch. Brand New Chaise. Nice Decorative Pillows. A Big Comfy Pillow From Off The Bed. Who needs a bedroom when you have a living room? 

I don't know what my bed feels like, but the couch is comfortable. The chaise is also very comfortable and a peaceful place to sleep. How do I know? It's night 2 and I've made a bed out of the chaise in the living room. Upon moving in my friend actually suggested putting the bed in the living room and the other furniture upstairs. 

Nah, that idea didn't sit well in my mind. It wasn't that it was a bad idea. Put a bed downstairs is actually a excellent idea. However, I've dreamed of the moments I could fall asleep on my own couch. My parents couches weren't that comfortable. If I was exhausted I would fall asleep on the floor, but quarter life age has started to effect the way my back feels on certain surfaces.

So yeah, I'm sleeping in the living room. The bedroom is beautiful, but the bed is not part of the fantasy yet. Parents don't like you sleeping on living room furniture. Grandparents believe in preserving furniture to last a lifetime. Children don't care. When you get my age you just want to try new ideas out. Sleeping in the living room is one of my ideas. 

This is blog 2 of my first apartment alone series. 

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