Wednesday, January 2, 2013

American Horror Story, The Name Game Episode

American Horror Story is back. So much has happened. The asylum was already fucked from the beginning, but it really went downhill when Sister Jude started having regrets. Now it's a new year filled with new episodes. What can we expect? Well, below is my thoughts on tonight's episode, the first one of the year.

I'm still confused about where the baby came from and how Grace could be so pregnant? I remember her and Kitt having sex in the kitchen, but she was shot in the stomach by the security guard. She's supposed to be dead.
  • Dr. Arden almost killed Kitt. His heart did not want to start up again. 
  • Ahh damn. As a patient Sister Jude is getting a taste of her own medicine. Did he really have to perform electroshock therapy on her? Speaking of these weird obsessive operations, did Anne Frank really get cured? She could have been cured or it could have been the Arthur's imagination pretending she was better. 
  • If the asylum hasn't gone to hell, now it really is there. Sister Jude can't even remember who she is. She promised Lana she would help her escape, but after that operation her mind is completely fucked. 
  • Wait, I missed something. Did Sister Mary Eunice have sex with the new leader of the asylum, Monsignor? She is a very dirty woman. Oh, and he came in less than a minute. That man had not had his penis stroked in a while. 
  • Dr. Arden should have shot himself. He sucks at being a doctor anyway. He completely fucked up Sister Jude's mind and I'm convinced he didn't fix Anne Frank. 
  • Why is Dr. Thredson still around? He doesn't want that baby and does not give a damn about Lana. Wait, he wanted to kill Lana but failed. 
  • Wait, so Grace is now giving birth. *passes out for a second*. 
  • Sister Mary Eunice and this bad girl attitude is starting to get old. What is she, or the devil inside, trying to achieve? 
  • Monsignor is a pimp. He pushed Sister Mary Eunice over two flights of stairs in order to free the evil spirit. However, evil spirits tend to jump from body to body. 
  • Why does Grace look sorta like Kitt's wife, Alma? WOW, I wasn't expecting Dr. Thredson to torture Kitt with the sight of his new child and baby mama that is supposed to be dead. 
  • I thought Lana was having the worse time ever. Sister Jude has been pushed over the edge and forced back to reality. Although, Sister Jude sounds like she is in another world. I guess botched electroshock therapy can do that to you. 
  • Oh shit, I knew Dr. Arden wanted to die, but damn. He burned himself alive. 
I think I've lost a little of my mind watching American Horror Story, but what do they have for next week? There are still so many questions that need to be answer

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