Monday, January 21, 2013

Dim The Lights (Poem)

Dim the lights cause you found me. 
Keep 'em low
No need to look anymore
You ain't want the girl from the corner
She was too hood
Had another niggas name tattooed on her
And she kept calling you her future baby daddy
But you ain't want baby mama drama
And you ain't want the woman on Wallstreet
If money was the answer, her pockets ran deep
But you ain't a broke nigga
You got your cash right
You looking for a woman that ain't thirsty
But you can take around the world
So I came your way
I think it was yesterday
You saw me driving that Huyndai
Had dreams of hittin' this one day
Well tonight is the night
The lights won't go off
But we won't need 'em too bright
Dim the lights just enough
So as our cries of pleasure sound in the middle of the night
And you make me cum over and over again
Dim the lights
Make the moment special
Look into my eyes
Because maybe I'm not the one for you
Maybe in your heart you're still searching for her
So dim the lights
Cause one day when you meet her I'll wish it was me
And I'll let the world know that I'm jealous

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