Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Horror Story Spilt Milk Episode

Did this episode of American Horror Story start off with a man doing drugs? Hah! That prostitute did not have a baby three weeks ago. Eww, now I get it. He wanted breast milk. Eww.

Okay, the demon child created by Kitt and Grace has taken the spotlight again. Was Grace even dead for nine months? So from Grace's description the baby was created in heaven, not when they had sex. Then that makes it not their baby. This scene means there will be a flash forward to Kitt and Grace's child as an adult. Hopefully, he's not the man feigning for the breast milk of new mothers. 

The nunn, now known as Mother Claudia, wants to rescue Lana. She even went as far as to steal Lana's foul. She's different than the others. Lana now wants to help Sister Jude? Sister Jude ain't right in the mind anymore. Oh My! Lana really walked out without anyone stopping here. There is a God on American Horror Story. 

Dammit Lana. She escaped and went to Dr. Thredson's place. Of all places, why did she not just go straight to the police station? I'm beginning to think Lana really is crazy, or maybe she was in that asylum too long. 

Eww, right in the middle of Lana holding a gun it does a flash forward to this man sucking milk out of this prostitute's breast. Ooh, so this sick bastard in the flash forward is the son of Dr. Thredson and Lana's. Now it makes sense. That means the prostitute will eventually die. A three week old baby was left without a mother. Oh My! Flashback again. Dr. Thredson was cocky, but Lana really pulled the trigger. Ooh!

Lana is actually out of the asylum. This is so shocking. I thought she would never get away. She's had it the hardest on the show, or was it Shelley? Shelley is the sex fiend who got her legs cut off. 

Oh shit, Sister Jude is getting her sanity back. Wait, she was keeping the patients sick on purposes. Sister Jude was a much badder nunn than I thought. Just as Sister Jude starts to get her thinking back, Monsignor starts acting evil. Maybe it's something about the power. 

Kitt is free. He really is free. WOW! Lana killed Dr. Thredson. How did it turn out to be suicide? Oh, but before he leaves he has to speak with Monsignor. Oh Shit! This got more twisted. So Grace really is dead on paper, which means his wife is now officially alive again. Happy endings? 

Wait, there is always some weird twist. Kitt's wife is alive. What in the??? Okay, so this is a complicated happy ending.

Lana just won't quit. She's so determined to kill the child inside of her that she can't mentally escape that asylum. She's gone crazy. Ooh, the abortion was illegal. What made Lana keep a baby she did not want though? 

"I am tough, but I'm no cookie."

Oh No! Who killed Sister Jude? I didn't expect this. 

Lana had the baby. Well, from the flash forward this was obvious. 

Previews for next week was just shown. Now I'm confused. So Sister Jude's not dead. Gosh, I have to wait another week. American Horror Story hurry up with the next show. 

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