Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Reflections, The Poet

At first I wanted to call  him a friend. I promise I really did. However, the more I think about it he is just an acquaintance. He's someone I just happened to meet while helping a friend celebrate her birthday. He's someone that just happened to spark my curiosity. Who was he? I just had to know.

The poet is who he is. He makes a living perfecting words, so maybe that's why I couldn't turn away. Watching him on stage was different than chatting with him on Facebook. Talking on Facebook was different than getting him alone. In getting him alone sooner or later something was bound to happen. Was I trying to make him a friend? Was I trying to get more out of this strange boy? What were my intentions?

Other people ask the men what their intentions are. I ask myself what am I looking for from this guy. This question doesn't always make sense. It usually is about sex if the pursuit of fulfillment is strong enough. However, I don't have sex with every man I meet. Usually fear and their stupidity keep me from making those mistakes. When I do meet a man and it goes down like that eventually I don't feel bad about it at all.

Sex happened more than once. Once would have been a one night stand and he was too good for that. However, the reasonable part of me is now running. Why? Because you can't develop a relationship with someone who continues to be an acquaintance. If you asked me serious questions about this guy, I would still not be able to answer any of them.

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