Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wicked Games- The Weeknd (My Poem)

I left my man back home
He don’t love me no more
When we first met the feelings were fresh
Had rough sex everywhere just to sweat
The passion was high
He had me on cloud 9
But something has changed
The more we try to bond
The more I can tell he’s changed
He’s cheating on me
I know it.
So I’m about to do the same

So bring your lust, baby I can do the same
Leave your feelings, no time for playing games
I got my body right here; I left my heart back there
So bring the cuffs baby, don’t forget the keys
Bring your body, don’t forget to make it hurt
That’s my mothafuckin words too
Just let me mothafuckin excite you

(So I took the first verse and chorus of The Weeknd's song Wicked Games and created a girl version )

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