Monday, November 24, 2014

#DumbAndDumberTo I Lost A Couple Brain Cells And Didn't Mind

If you are one of those people that take your money budgeting to the extreme, Dumb and Dumber To is not the movie for you. Don't waste your money. However, if you are in dire need of a good laugh and don't mind losing a couple of those genius brain cells in the process, go watch Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels act a fool.

Without giving way the movie, I'm about to try to point out some of my favorite aspects of it.

The Sexual Fetish
A comedy isn't a comedy if sex isn't included. Since this movie was made for all audience, it made the PG13 mark but still had to have some form of sex. To keep it classy while still being hilarious the rich stuck up woman had a toe fetish. She liked sucking toes even if the man she was with didn't like it.

The Pranks
Imagine changing someone's diaper, switching out their pee bags, and having to visit them at least once a week for 20 years. It makes you feel sad for the person they used to be. Well Lloyd Christmas pretended to be the helpless person in a nursing home for 20 years while Harry Dunn was the faithful friend visiting and caring for him the whole time. Of course at the beginning of the movie Lloyd screams "Gotcha." It was all a joke, but that shit wouldn't have been funny to the average person.

The Plot Twists
Their were several plot twists that scared me and the reason why is because of a movie Adam Sandler did a while ago. It was called Funny People and after an hour I wanted to commit suicide for going to see it. Funny People went three hours long and it was the worst thing ever made. The plot twists in Dumb and Dumber To had me panicking thinking it was going to go on for hours and hours and I would have to walk out before the end. Instead the movie stayed nice and sweet with the timing.

Now remember, this isn't the kind of movie you spend if you're great at budgeting. Obviously I'm not and I needed the laughs. There were 3 of us in total yesterday at the 3:15 showing.

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