Tuesday, November 11, 2014

(Poem) Leave Him Alone

This weekend I was in a writing mood. Several pieces were created, but this is what I settled on posting. There's more to come. I call the following poem Leave Him Alone

Leave Him Alone
Headed down 59 North, we gotta have a talk, I ain’t the Bitch, ain’t the one, no busting windows out his car, no dragging that hoe out his house, he gotta understand me, he gotta stop playing me..

Thought that I found love til I seen him buying drinks for the THOTS up in the club, tears streaming down my face, I don’t know why it’s me he seems to hate, calling me so late, asking what’s the code to my gate, and I always let him in, give him the key the my heart and my body, knowing it’s sweet love we make, he gives good passion, until tomorrow..

His feelings will once again start to fade, and he’ll be calling the one he met at the club about a week ago, but I refuse to become his distant memory, we have to get this straight, even though he’s a fuck nigga, he’ll never get it, cause ratchet makes up his vocabulary, faithful nowhere to be found, romance something he’ll never want to experience, and I’m just wasting time..

Might as well move on, make room for a real nigga, one that will recognize my house is his home, no neglecting, only respecting, so we can get on the same page, and write better chapters together…

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