Thursday, November 6, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday That Time I Went To My First Play

As much as I love movies, plays are much better. Unlike movies, plays are done with a live audience and usually by the time they come out on DVD it is an actual audience you hear in the background laughing and clapping. I absolutely love them and at one point they were everywhere.

Well, not all types of plays were everywhere. It was all about the African American plays. More specifically it was all about the Black Gospel plays. From what my youthful mind can remember, Tyler Perry started up this trend of gospel plays being heavily shown in households everywhere in the 21st century. Before his plays it was all about Blackbusters (aka 90's and early 2000's movies starring mostly Black to an all Black cast). It started with the popularity of Madea and then other play writers started to shine too.

Some of my favorites that come to mind are David E. Talbert, Je'Caryous Johnson, and T.D. Jakes. You might think it's weird that T.D. Jakes is thrown in the group, but Woman Art Thou Loosed with Kimberly Elise was more of a play than a movie. However, David E. Talbert was really able to shine when BET was broadcasting all of his plays on Sundays. BET had a special spot for all Black Gospel plays for a couple of years.

Then there is JeCaryous Johnson. This producer holds a special place in my heart because his play Three Ways To Get A Husband was the very first one I saw live. The play was at the civic center in Tallahassee while I was still a student. Even though my budget was very tight, I could not miss the opportunity to attend. I asked a million people if they wanted to go with me, but no one was interested. Although it might have been dangerous to go alone by myself knowing it would be dark once the play was over, I took the risk anyway and bought the ticket. The play was hilarious and the experience was amazing.

I miss that experience, but most importantly miss being able to see Gospel plays by Black producers shine bright. That 8 hour work day and 40 hour work week just doesn't make room for spontaneous purchases such as a ticket to see the latest Gospel play out.

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