Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#LHHHollywood Lil Fizz Calls Himself A Mother On National Television

"I will always be the mother if I have to be the mother"- Dreux Pierre Frederic, aka Lil Fizz

Traditionally we hear lots about single mothers. Since there's a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day, we often hear single mothers calling themselves fathers too since they feel as if they do both jobs. However, times have really changed. It was two yeas ago that I came in contact with a single father raising his child all by himself. In a sense you could say he was acting as mother and father since the mother was absent in the partnership. It was fascinating to hear his story of how he ended up as the sole person caring for the child, especially since we always imagine the one that gives birth wouldn't want to abandon her most precious creation.

However, although men have not started a single father movement yet, they are making progress to show their responsibilities. One such person helping to bring light to the situation is former B2K member Lil Fizz. Courtesy of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we were able to hear Lil Fizz describe himself as both a mother and a father this. His exact quote was "I will always be the mother if I have to be the mother."

So you've heard women call themselves the mom and dad in the situation. How do you feel about men calling themselves the dads and moms when they are the only ones parenting?

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