Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Appearance Is Everything

If you do not believe the title, then read the advice New York Times best selling author Mary B. Morris is giving.

Why do some women look and smell great no matter what the time of day?

Commitment to their 'double-take' appearance is the answer.

Most of us enjoy looking at an attractive well-groomed man. He can be in a suit, sweats, or jeans but his appearance speaks volume. Think in the reverse. What if that same man that you're admiring, looks at you. You want him to do a double-take.

Now that you've got or are getting your attitude in order, let's get your Lady Swag on:

1) You must maintain your physical appearance.
2) You must have impeccable hygiene.
3) You must master your mannerisms.

Physical appearance matters. A little goes a long way. Take the extra few minutes to keep your face fresh, your eyes white, and your smile bright. Eyelashes are your face's sunshine. If you haven't worn lashes, try them. MAC charges $14 and will put the on for FREE.

It's easy to start off fresh in the morning but what about noon (after lunch) or right before you exit the door after work? Take a few extra minutes to touch up your hair and lipstick. I don't care how hectic your day was, when you look in that mirror before leaving work give yourself a kiss in the mirror and smile then say, "I AM WORTHY."

Wardrobe is essential. You don't have to spend a million dollars to look like a million bucks. Irrespective of size, make sure your clothes fit you well. That they're not too loose or too tight. Basically you don't want to appear uncomfortable in your clothes because the translation is you appear uncomfortable in your own skin. Be your own best friend. Love yourself.

Impeccable hygiene is mandatory. Start from the inside out. Consciously eat foods that will make you taste sweet like fruits, mints, mint leaves, etc., especially before a date. I'm not saying don't eat garlic. I love garlic. But you don't want your kisses or your pussy tasting like garlic.

Oral hygiene. Would you kiss yourself? Sometimes halitosis comes from the foods you eat and how well your body digest those foods. Or bad breath could be a sign of gingivitis. Rinse with half warm water and half peroxide a few times a week and particularly after performing oral sex. There nothing better than kissing a person with a clean mouth.

Wear nice fragrances. You want that man to notice your scent. All perfumes are not the same on every woman and you should alternate fragrances because after a while your body's chemistry will neutralize a fragrance and it won't smell the same on you.

Always clean out the trenches of your vagina with your finger. When you're in the shower or tub, clean yourself out. Also, if you're on any types of medications, pay close attention to if your meds are creating an unpleasant body odor. Remedy this by drinking at least 8 to 16 ounces of water when you take meds because some meds actually cause yeast infections that may create a body odor. Keep Monistat on hand and use it if necessary.

Mannerisms are wonderful attention getters. Strut, sashay, smile, basically be seductive. Practice being sexy until it becomes natural to you. When appropriate, gently touch a man's arm, bicep, chest. If you hug him, caress the nape of his neck. Most men don't get enough affection. You want him to think, "Damn, she smells good, looks marvelous, and feels great. I've got to see her again."

Ladies, you are in control. Remember Part 1, then add theses tips from Part 2.

IMPORTANT! Ladies give him/them a number of reasons to want you. Then you determine if you want him. Let him like you first.

TOMORROW I'll address FALLACY OF THE FAMILIAR. Why do women keep dating the same type of men and having one failed relationship after another?

New York Times Best-selling Author &
Relationship Sexpert

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