Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Advice From Mary B. Morrison

A few weeks ago I started a section on here called "Quest For Love." However, I did not write in that section last week because I was lacking in advice. Well today some good advice was handed to me through facebook.

The advice you are about to read comes from New York Time's best selling author Mary B. Morrison.

Why do some women meet lots of 'datable' men and other women can't meet one?

Attitude is the answer.

I want ALL my single ladies to meet at least 1 new man a week for the next 12 weeks. As you do this, watch how your social life improves. I'm going to give you more tips throughout the rest of the week.

The FIRST step to meeting a man you'd like to date is all about YOUR attitude ladies.

1) You must have high self-esteem.
2) You must have confidence in approaching men.
3) You must trust your instincts.

High self-esteem matters because no matter how attractive you are on the outside, if a man senses you don't feel good about yourself, he won't feel good about you either. He'll either pity you or immediately dismiss you as a potential long-term mate. He'll have sex with you but he won't take you out first. Or he'll take you out, have sex with you, but won't call you again.

Men like confident women. It's okay to approach a man but do it with confidence NOT desperation. Men can tell when women are desperate. Be confident. Although you've approached him, let him like you more. How? Be friendly. Learn the basic seductive mannerisms that turn men on instantly. I'll address this later this week.

IMPORTANT! Ladies you MUST trust your instincts. If you get a gut feeling to leave that man alone, leave him alone. I don't care how attractive he is. Listen to your instincts.

New York Times Best-selling Author &
Relationship Sexpert

If you are interested in getting advice directly from her join her facebook group "The Girls Club by HONEYB."

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