Friday, February 12, 2010

On My Way To Credibility

A while ago I changed my first name on facebook to FutureAuthor, but it's after several months and I'm still not an author.

Sooo, I wanted to change that little and the perfect idea popped into my head earlier today. A few months ago I had to make a chapbook for my poetry class. A chap book is an easier and cheaper way of putting together a book. Making it myself was hard, so I did end up paying my school's copy center to do it. I didn't think anything of it then, but today it became a great idea to get me to my goal. Of course as soon as the idea popped into my mind it would not leave, so I paid the copy center money to make some for me. However, I'm still not thinking of myself as an author. This is just a step to get me on my way to author credibility.

Below you will see the full chapbook, a close-up of the cover page, and the middle of it. It is approximately 24 pages long.

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