Sunday, February 21, 2010

School Lessons: Happiness Is Hard

At the beginning of this week I was happy. I didn't feel any stress. I felt I could accomplish anything. Then came moments where I had to focus my attention on things I did not care about.

On one occasion I had to sit and listen to a professor complain about how students were neglecting his class (a class I unfortunately need to graduate). This brought my mood down because I was one of those students who was neglecting his class. Well, I'd missed one session because I had some other assignment at the exact same time. Too bad you can't be in two places at once.

Then after listening to this professor complain I was left feeling like my time was wasted, because this professor cannot help out broadcast students. Broadcast is not his concentration. However, my mood fell even more because while he does not understand broadcast stuff, I still have to make a pretty portfolio to present to him.

I'd tried to get over his craziness and back to my happy place, but then my lab day came. With the exception of tiny issues I have this lab day thing down now, but I started getting frustrated on that day. The frustration came when the professor started looking over my shoulder and paying attention to my every little detail. Now if he was helping me out this would be fine, but he wasn't helping. He was just trying to document my mistakes.

And that brings me to my school lesson of the week:

It's hard to stay happy.

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  1. girl i feel u! something happened preventing me from getting to my happy place. And it wont get better anytime soon :'(