Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: 2011 Songs That Make A Girl Bust It Wide Open

Me In The Club
As women we love to appear very conservative. Even in the clubs none of us want to look too wild. However, there are always songs that come out that make us forget our morals. In fact they do more than make us forget our morals. They make us go to the club, hear our favorite song, and then "bust it wide open" on the dance floor." Or am I the only one that happens to? Check out my favorite songs that make me "bust it wide open," or should I say pull out my best dance moves, when I'm surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

There's always that one freaky song that will make a girl bend over and practically touch her toes while in the middle of the club. For 2011 "Bust It Wide Open" is that anthem. I admit I'd dry hump a guy to this song. That's how hot it is.

Imagine being in the dance club. You meet a cute guy and y'all start dancing very sexually. Dancing leads to leaving the club. Somehow or another he ends up following you home. Since he's there you let him fuck. If it's good you cuddle afterwards. If it's bad you don't cuddle. Either way once you're done with him you kick him out. Great fantasy, right. Well, whether you dance with someone at the club or not you dance hard with YG's "Toot It and Boot It" comes on.

The biggest thing we girls like to hear once we've gotten deep into a relationship is that a guy likes everything about us. If we're having sex we definitely want our guys to brag and we want to show the world that we can "work." That's what Travis Porter's "Bring It Back" song allows us to do. When that song comes on we all act like we are jumping on an imaginary dick. It's true.

If you thought gold teeth died out with The Hot Boys of Cash Money Millionaires you were wrong. For 2011 Gucci Mane has successfully made every woman want to rape a rich ass nigga with a mouth full of gold on the dance floor. Then again that could just be me.

While Wiz Khalifa's "I Roll Up" is not a hardcore club banger, it still gets a girl in the mood. When in the club I look for a nigga that I could possibly call just for sex. Well, anywhere I go I look for that. When in the club it's easier to be more selective.

The year is not even halfway over, so stay tuned just in case this list is updated.

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