Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Ladies Don't Brag About Your Sex Game and Then Be Awful In Bed

Ladies Don't Brag About Your Sex Game and Then Be Awful In Bed 
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This is another "Miss Sexual Intellectual" post, but don't worry. It's not going to be raunchy. I'm just going to get straight to the point. More than anything else we women love to talk. We talk about our jobs, our families, new people that we meet, strangers just because they look at us, our sex sex lives, and our very boring moments. We talk just to talk. However, what we love to do more than have a regular conversation is brag about our lives. 

We brag about being better than others in every aspect, even sex. However, whether we're really good at sex or not is only determined once we end up in a bedroom naked with someone of the opposite sex ready to get it on. The only problem is not every woman lives up to those skills that she brags about and then men become the ones that talk. 
Yes, men talk when we have horrible sex skills. I once heard about a guy who complained that his girl made him do all the work involved in having sex while she just laid there. She wouldn't talk. She wouldn't hold hands while they were having sex. She wouldn't touch his back. She didn't want to touch him at all. She just wanted to lay there until she orgasmed or he came. Then of course after they were done and hours had passed by he was mad. However, he kept having sex with her just because he liked sex and she'd brag to her friends about her wonderful sex skills. But that's not the point. The point is he complained and many men will find a new girl if the sex skills are much better. 

Women men are getting pissed off at the lies you tell when it comes to sex. They want a girl who knows what she's doing and not a girl who will lie and say she knows. However, many of you don't know the difference. Let me break it down for you. If you've ever had sex with a man and it got back to you that he said "You couldn't handle the dick" it means you were bad. Now there are ways to be good at sex. I'll inform you.

The best way to become good at sex is to talk to your man or the random dude you're bragging about your sex skills to. Ask him to give all the details of what he likes in bed. If you can do or are willing to try to do everything he says then go for it. However, if you can't do what he likes don't even bother having sex with him. No sex with a man that wants you is the better than having horrible sex, because he will never know how bad you were. 

P.S. I used to think that not being able to handle the dick meant a girl was literally stopping right after starting sex, continually moving away from the guy after he'd already slid himself inside or her, or even screaming rape after sex. Well, it could still be all of those, but mostly  it means a girl is just not doing enough to please a man.

(Disclaimer: written by a girl who's actually listening to these men. Yes men, I'm listening.) 

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