Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Response To The Ex Boyfriends Pet Peeve Post

Someone read my post about having a pet peeve of men asking me about ex-boyfriends. They then emailed me their feelings on it. Their response is below.

Great blog, Lashuntrice.

I don't think it's anyone's business to find out
about your past or someone's past for that matter.
It's disrespectful. I also think it's irrelevant to his
future relationship with you. I wouldn't even want to know.

 I am guessing this person is asking for gossipy reasons
or if he is worried that his relationship with you could fail.

You did the right thing not dating in high school and middle school. Kids
are immature for one thing. They don't know
what a relationship is. It never last long.

You need to be spiritually mature or really mature
enough to understand what relationship is. That
comes with experience. You have to be mature
how to handle people and deal with people. You have
to sense how a guy behaves and if a guy is intellect.
You need to find signs if a person is right for you.

That can be figured out as you get older. I never
dated in my life, but I am learning from experience.

Relationships really don't work. It's never lasting, and it's hard.

That's why I will never have one.


I hope you enjoyed their response. The blog post can be found here

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