Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Why I Can't Turn The Channel

Monday was the official premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and it received a lot of mixed emotions. In fact the comments were so over the top that producer Mona Scott said if you don't like it turn the channel.

You know what they say..”Shoot the messenger”. But more simply, if you don’t like the show…DON’T WATCH IT! Freedom of choice!! I just … the folks talking shit but glued to the screen. Change the damn channel!! LOL!--Mona Scott

This was no ordinary reality television show. There were no women formally married to former household stars just shouting out the men's names. Well unless you count Lil Scrappy as a household name there weren't. There were no women throwing drinks around like crazy, unless you count the prostitute/rapper woman. Oh, and there were no huge name people staying as far away from trouble as possible, unless you count Rasheeda. No, this show was different.

First you have Rasheeda who is trying to mirror Shaunie O'Neal. She's been in one clip so far and came off as a confidant. Maybe Rasheeda isn't doing that purposely. It could just be the producers.

Then you have K. Michelle. I admit I love K. Michelle's voice, but on this show she is straight ghetto.

The next in line is Mimi and Stevie J. I think they are supposed to be the new Fabolous and Emily B. However, Fabolous wasn't even claiming Emily during her Love & Hip Hop time. Stevie J is claiming Mimi, but is cheating at the same damn time. What makes is worse is he's cheating with this prostitute, Joseline, that for some reason calls herself an artist.

Next is the Jim Jones and Chrissy clones. This is in the form of Lil Scrappy and his girlfriend. Not to mention they have the crazy mom, Momma Dee, in the picture. The difference between Mama Jones and Momma Dee is one did crack and one sold crack.

Those are the most important people on the show so far. The craziest part of this reality television show is this is nowhere near reality. It's all about the music industry. Well, I think the music industry is what they're trying to capture. Actually I'm lying. This is a bad BET movie that you have to watch until the end. Only it comes on Vh1. That's why I can't turn the channel.

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