Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Reflections: Meeting Up With The Lonely Child

There was once a lonely child. Before a certain age some people called  her an only child. Most of her family lived far and her parents didn't understand the importance of her having friends. She craved friends to bond with. She craved attention. Even during the days of 100 degree heat, the days where popsicles seemed to be free and running around barefoot outside of the house was acceptable, she would go out and constantly look for friends. 

Anyone, no matter what age, if they wanted to play or hang, she would be overjoyed.

However, at the beginning of each day she'd find herself alone. In the middle of the day more alone time. Towards the end of the day she would be by herself with her popsicle in hand, a book to keep her company, and 100 degree heat blazing down on her brown skin. 

At some point after years of trying to get the attention of everyone she gave up and submitted to loneliness. Lonely became her friend. She embraced lonely liked there was no one else in the world. They went outside together, read together, created fiction stories together, watched television together, and even camped inside her room together. For the first time in forever outside of school, outside of summer programs where she might never see the other kids again, outside of church where she was forced to bond, she had her first real friend. Her friend was Lonely, but to some she may have looked like another lonely child. 

After years of creating friendships, fun memories with cool people, and diving fully into adult hood she, well me, wait I am trying to meet up with the lonely child again. After developing a friendship with the girl who doesn't quite realize that the only person who she needs to love and treat her right is herself I'm trying to find the lonely girl again. After realizing that my lifelong friends are few and far away I have to learn to develop that loving relationship with the lonely girl again. But wait...

She was never really lonely. She just had a friend called Lonely. I'm trying to meet up with Lonely again so I can relearn how to enjoy being by myself. The process has already started. 

(Disclaimer: Some of this was sort of exaggerated for the blogger's and readers entertainment.)


  1. No, but I learned if you can be alone and love yourself you become better company when others are around.