Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mehcad Brooks, My New Crush

I'm in love with this man named Mehcad Brooks.

The love started developing a few weeks ago when I discovered a show on television called Necessary Roughness. Necessary Roughness is about a psycotherapist who gives advice on the state of mind professional athletes. Terrance King (Mehcad Brooks) is one of her clients.

While this show has been on for a while, I started watching a few weeks ago. During the time reruns were coming along so I was able to catch up just in time for Wednesday's season premiere. Between the last season and this season I was able to get a feel for Mehcad Brook's character. His character, Terrance, is an arrogant football player who continually gets in trouble. Whether it's with the team manager or people on the street Terrance has controversy surrounding him all the time. However, his trouble is not what caught my attention.

It's his fine body. Just look at Mehcad Brooks. He's cute, obviously has a personality, and only six years older than me.

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