Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Reading, The Thirteenth Sacrifice

I'm currently reading "The Thirteenth Sacrifice" by Debbie Viguie. This book is fiction tale of witch hunting in Salem. Actually it's a witch/cop hunting out other witches. I haven't been this interested in witchcraft tales since the days of R.L. Stine addiction. That was literally around 15 years ago.

The first book of the summer was Ada's Rules. While I learned a lot, it's time for some real deal fiction. That's why I'm reading "The Thirteenth Sacrifice" by Debbie Viguie. This book is a special read for many reasons.

The first reason is I have not read a (just for fun) book by a non-black person since middle school. Back then the last non-black author of choice to read was V.C. Andrews. However, after many years the spell of only reading those with the same skin as me is broken. Debbie Viguie really has my attention with "The Thirteenth Sacrifice."

So I started this witchcraft tale on Monday. Currently I'm on page 150 and can barely sit the book down. I'll let you know when I'm finished because this is a goal. A book a week is what I'm going for.

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