Monday, August 18, 2014

#AtlantaExes A New Look Into Sisterhood?

Via Vh1
There's nothing more entertaining than a beautiful divorced Black woman. At least that is what Vh1 is trying to convince us.

A couple months back a sad thing happened. One day Hollywood Exes was going strong and the next week no more episodes were coming on. The last thing I remember is Andrea Kelly crying because someone jokingly asked if she ever had a golden shower. The question was hilarious, but her reaction to it was very pathetic. She ruined the night for the rest of the women and apparently the viewership of the show must have already been low. Who knew that the beautiful Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Jessica Conseco, Mayte Garcia, Shamicka Lawrence, Shanna Moakler, and Andrea were not enough to satisfy our cravings of watching divorced women on television? 

Vh1! That's who. This network is not just giving us a new set of divorced women to watch. They are giving us the cream of the crop. They're giving us women who really sit on thrones. They are giving us Atlanta Exes. 
We all knew Tameka Raymond was working on getting back into the spotlight. Not only did Tameka lose one of her sons to a fatal accident, but Usher has custody of their two children. However, what we weren't ready for was Torrei Hart to sign up for reality television. Like Kevin Hart, Torrei is also a comedian. She's released tons of funny videos via youtube. I'm pretty sure her career as a comedian won't be the main focus of Atlanta Exes though. 

Then there is Monyetta Shaw. She was previously with Neyo and is the mother of his child. She is the one that Neyo used Instagram to announce their break-up. How embarrassing is it when someone publicly dumbs you through social media? 

The last two women are Christina Johnson and Sheree Thompson. Christina was previously married to everyone's favorite drag Queen singer, Ceelo Green, and Sheree was previously married to Ray Buchanan. 

All of these women have two things in common. They've been married to super successful men and they've all had to share those men with the rest of the world. Now its time to see what they have to share with us. I don't think Atlanta Exes is going to be similar to Hollywood Exes at all. 

The show starts tonight. I'll be tuned in. Join me. 

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