Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When A Wild-Hearted Woman's Relationship Is On The Line

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes I think about marriage. I think about discovering my soulmate in the middle of some club as everyone gets crunk to "Fight Night" and falling deeply in love. I imagine him in his white t-shirt and me in a dress from Body Central as we elope one day. Waka Flocka Flame and his wife helped create that vision. If we're broke and can't go out of town, I imagine us honey-mooning in a fancy hotel (paid for by family members) downtown while we pretend it's Paris. I also imagine us having a relationship that's different from everyone around us.
We'll club together and get super drunk together. We'd have spontaneous moments of going places just to go places, even if everyone else is telling us to sit still. We'd have a relationship where he respects me and respects that I'm the boss. The idea of me being the boss of the house comes from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's relationship.

Ultimately I have this fantasy that the man I fall in love with will push me a little closer to freedom. He won't try to lock me down with ideas of what a wife is supposed to be or what a mother is supposed to be. He'll love me the way I am. I remember Hank Baskett saying something similar to that about Kendra Wilkinson on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Kendra is a wild soul and that's what first made me pay attention to her. Years ago a show called Girls Next Door came on E! Clearly Kendra was not supposed to be the break-out star of the show, but her personality stood out more than the others. She was wild and free-spirited. She didn't care about others judging her. All that was left was for prince charming to come along and marry her. Hank Baskett was her prince charming and not once have we seen them as a couple on the verge of breaking up. Recently rumors did come out that Kendra was speaking to divorce lawyers though. Supposedly Hank was cheating on her with a transexual that's been in the midst of many troubled celebrity relationships.

However, Kendra is not the only wild soul whose had rumors surrounding her relationship. There have also been rumors that Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick are over. Plus there was an article saying Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey might be heading toward a divorce, but they refuse to speak on anything.

See, I can understand the boring housewives that end up becoming ex-wives. I can also understand the divorces that happen between people that are never together anyway. There is no real excitement to keep the sparks going in those kinds of relationships. However, what if the wild-hearted woman can't hold a man down? Her mind is filled with adventures she could go on, her heart is filled with love, but when it comes to a man she still lacks to knowledge to hold onto their union.

Most recent reports around the web say these couples will make it, but I still wonder. I wonder how it will all work out for myself.

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