Wednesday, August 20, 2014

His #Anaconda Wants Some (Lessons From Nicki Minaj)

When in doubt there is always one person to remind us that sex might be the answer. Despite the fact that Nicki Minaj dissed us skinny women, I was thoroughly entertained by her Anaconda music video. From the fashion to the ass shaking I found myself getting in the groove and doing a couple of my own moves.

Nicki Minaj is weird. We all know that, but as time goes by we're also learning a lot from her. The following are a few things that the Anaconda video taught me.

I can do plenty of rants about wanting to be seen as a boss, but at the same time I can shake my ass and the world will enjoy it. Nicki was moving that ass as much as she could.

There is no such thing as over-sexualizing yourself. Clearly all shorts can become smaller. When short shorts aren't enough to grab a man's attention, you can put Bunz on the back of the shorts to get the point across. Look, I want those shorts that say Bunz. If ass shaking isn't enough, add food to the mix and it'll be better.

His Anaconda wants some. Actually the video is all about big asses, but clearly we don't have to have big asses for men to want us. We just have to say the right words and make the right moves.

Watch the video below.

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