Monday, August 11, 2014

How The Black Youth's #JusticeForMichaelBrown Looks

They were arrested for stealing from a sports store. This was they're way of getting justice.
#RIP Michael Brown. On Saturday August 9th, 2014 18 year old Michael Brown was shot 10 times by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer, but that is not the worst part. His mother stood nearby and watched her son get murdered. Why was this done? What motive did the officer have? The question remains unanswered. What we do know is that this teen would have been a freshman in college today, but one policeman's refusal to do his job correctly has taken that away.

Everyone is rightfully angry at this point. However, it is clear that the look of getting justice for the black people has changed. What started out as a peaceful protest has turned into young folks robbing and burning down places. However, the places targeted are not random. Earlier photos started surfacing of a gas station being robbed. It went from that photo to another photo of the gas station being burned down. Someone even uploaded a vine of a man being mad that he didn't get any Cheetos before they set the place ablaze. It gets crazier.

Right after watching the 2nd Purge movie someone did a joke that if there ever was a real purge the first thing black people would do was steal sneakers. It was supposed to be a funny joke, but upon clicking on the Fox broadcast link of what was going on in Ferguson, Missouri the reporter was standing in front of a sports store. Behind the reporter you could see black people carrying boxes out of the store. What does anything a store that sells shoes and sports accessories have to do with justice? Ask the kids.

On top of that we all have an obsession with our hair. Maybe it stems from society's obsession with straight hair, our obsession with Beyonce and snatching edges, or it just has to do with each and every  woman's vanity issues. We have to look good at all times, even if it's just to open the door for UPS. To me this has nothing to do with the death of Michael Brown, but some young girl posted pictures of some hair she had stolen in the midst of all the rioting. Yes, they were robbing the hair store. However, this is her form of justice.

Pictures Via Twitter.

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