Monday, August 25, 2014

#VMAs How Blue Ivy Re-Ignited My Baby Fever

For the past couple of months my ovaries have been talking to me. I'm having baby cravings, motherhood-hormones, a crazed sex drive that I'm trying to ignore. Seriously my biological clock has started to talk to me and the baby fever is kicking in.

I thought it had calmed down somewhat. My mind was recently racing after photos of North West in designer outfits started hitting the web. How can a baby that can barely talk be that cute? I wanted one like her. I didn't want to wait and find a man. I didn't want to go through nine months of labor. In those moments I immediately wanted a little girl with features like me and a wardrobe to kill for.

Thoughts like those are when social media becomes dangerous. There is absolutely no way that I'm ready to become a mother. My bank account says so. My selfishness says so. My inability to meet a man that's willing to fall in love with me speaks volumes. Maybe one day that man will come along, but for now there hasn't been anyone worthy of mixing his semen with my eggs to create new life.

Even though I haven't met that man these cute kids continue to appear. If you watched the MTV Video Awards then you know how Blue Ivy stole the show. Blue Ivy showed the world that just like her mother, she also "Woke Up Like This." Blue's Afro was also flawless and she cheered her mom on. After watching I couldn't help but think of having a cute family of my own. Just picture it. There's me, the man that loves me, and our beautiful daughter with a princess attitude.
Let me go check my bank account now and remind myself of the lack of worthy men in my phone.

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