Tuesday, March 10, 2015

@AngieStone Why You Should Not Live With Parents After Age 25

You've probably heard by now that Soul Singer Angie Stone was arrested for domestic abuse. She wasn't beating up on a cheating current lover though. Instead the police were called because she got in a terrible fight with her daughter. We were all introduced to her daughter, Diamond Stone, on the hit show R&B Divas Atlanta and from the show we know Diamond has a smart mouth. Well, Diamond argued back and got her two front teeth (physically) broken. 

While Angie was charged and can now be added to the list of celebrities with mugshots, this particular story is a lesson for all adults past a certain age. Although Diamond is 30, I'll set the age at 25. This story has several points as to why after the age of 25 you should no longer be living in your parents house. Read the list and share with your own friends, families, and fans if you agree. 

Your Room Does Not Belong To You
In Diamond's story she claims Angie told her to clean her room. When you're under the age of 18 and a parent tells you to clean your room, you have to do it. It is their house and you are obligated to listen to them. When you are grown person, it is still their house but your mindset of them telling you what to do is different. No one wants to be bossed around as an adult, so the best move is to get out of another adults house, especially is that person is your parent. 

You Are A Mother
Angie is not the only mother in the house. Diamond has kids of her own. Maybe Angie doesn't want to raise new children, even though she revealed on the show that her relationship with her daughter was strained because she put her music career first. Diamond needs to focus on her own children and get out of the house of a mother who probably doesn't see her as the adult she is. 

It's A Thin Line Between Love & Abuse
Parents believe that since they bought you into this world, they can take you out. Actually taking you out of this world would lead to prison time for them. No one wants their parents to end up in prison. Angie already now has a mugshot and Diamond has to get her teeth fixed. Its time to get out of there. 

Actually if you don't have the significant other of your dreams lined up, leaving the comfort of your parents can seem very hard. You will feel poor and be on a tight budget if your job doesn't pay six figures. You will feel poor and be on a tight budget if your job doesn't pay a high five figures. If you don't make a lot of money, a lot of your dreams will get put on hold and you might actually lose hope on accomplishing some things. However, the road to independence is so much better than having someone put you down for a less-than clean room, spending all their money, or getting yelled at because they don't like how your own children are acting.