Monday, March 2, 2015

Is Mo'Nique Difficult To Work With Or Does She Have A Point?

Comedian and Actor Mo'Nique is showing her presence in Hollywood again courtesy of Lee Daniels. It all started with the popular show Empire. As Empire's ratings have gotten higher and higher Mo'Nique announced that the role of Cookie was initially supposed to be her. This led to both Lee Daniels and her being interviewed by our favorite CNN reporter, Don Lemon. Below is some powerful words Mo'Nique expressed in her interview.

"The phone was ringing and the scripts were coming and when people say "Mo'Nique where have you been" it's not that I've haven't been on tv or been in the movies because I've been blackballed as Mr. (Lee) Daniels has said. The offers just didn't make sense, Don. So again the phone didn't stop ringing and the scripts didn't stop coming, but the offers associated with them were offers that made me say 'Guys I can't accept that' because if I accept that and I won the award what are my sisters being offered that didn't win the award and wasn't nominated? And what does it say to the little girl that's not here yet that if we continue to accept these low offers, however do we make it different and make a change?"

I somewhat agree with her. We shouldn't settle for less. However, us average working women usually have to settle for something in order to get our bills paid. For instance, I had to put my dream job idea aside after college in order to get to a state of finally being somewhat independent. Meanwhile women like her make the highest demands and most of the time get their demands met. According to a Swagger New York blog post I recently read Mo'Nique was making some unreasonable demands. She and her husband were getting even more money hungry as more attention landed on her.