Monday, March 9, 2015

#BlackInkCrew What Not To Do When Owning A Business

If I was to ever get a tattoo and I was in New York City when the temptation came along, it would definitely be at Black Ink. Black Ink Crew is a popular Vh1 show where we can learn about running a business and the bad habits of the employees at the business. This time we focus on the etiquette behind running a business and having employees. The next few tips are things you probably shouldn't do if you are the boss.

Don't Get Arrested While On Vacation From The Business You Own and Not Inform Anyone. At the beginning of the show all the remaining employees in Black Ink were panicking because no one had heard from Ceasar and Dutchess. The need to get in touch with them was very important for Donna, the receptionist. A woman from Chicago had traveled to get a tattoo and she was only in her hotel for so many days. Donna tried saying all that she could, but since she couldn't get in touch with the people who do tattoos that woman could not get a tattoo.

The crew did not find out about the arrests until it hit the news. They are semi-famous now so everything the people on this show does will make some blog if not an actual newspaper.

As A Boss, Don't Take Your Irresponsibilities Out On Your Employees. Donna did all that she could to ease the anger coming from the Chicago woman. Caesar was driving with a suspended license and some weed in the car. It was all his fault. However, he was mad at the police and then mad at his receptionist for telling him what happened while he was away.

Don't Try To Ruin Another Man Just Because You Two Are Not Friends Anymore. The scene where Caesar talks to Puma's boss has to be the worst of all. Caesar has spent most of the episode up until that point yelling, but then he gets really humble. He became humble to this white man because he wanted the white man to help him make Puma jobless.

There was so much other stuff that happened. Maybe this is all for cameras and even the people on the show know not to act like that.