Monday, March 23, 2015

Mo'Nique Talks To Roland Martin On #NewsOneNow

TV One has officially gotten everyone's attention. Years ago Mo'Nique was at her highest level of success with a pretty good late night talk show and a huge role in the successful movie Precious. After the success, she seemed to fade away from the spotlight and our televisions. Well, Roland Martin was able to get Mo'Nique to talk about everything from Lee Daniels to her upcoming HBO movie on News One Now. The interview was juicy. Below is a little of what we learned from it.

She Was Never Blackballed
Mo'Nique was never blackballed in the industry. Lee Daniels said it and she was forced to respond.

Name Dropping
Mo'Nique has no problem name dropping. She really let out her feelings toward Lee Daniels and soon ended it with admitting she deleted his number. There is no reunion in the near future for her and the successful movie producer. She also talked about being offered roles that we saw Oprah and Taraji P. Henson in. While we don't know if any of it is true, we do know after watching The Butler and the first season of Empire, the right women were perfectly casted.

According to Mo'Nique ,Tyler Perry told her that winning an Oscar meant offers for millions of dollars for future movie roles. She has not been offered anything close to a million yet. Also, she was more proud of receiving an NAACP award then an Oscar. It is interesting since there is a huge controversy about the Oscars being racist and not wanting to give Black people the recognition we deserve.

Mo'Nique Put Family Over Her Career For The First Time
This is her third marriage. It might not mean anything to someone else. However, Mo'Nique has put in far more effort to being married to her current husband. Her husband is also her manager, which means she has invested herself in him emotionally and financially.

HBO & Blackbird
I've always thought of HBO channels as a series of channels that I couldn't afford. Currently I do not have that cable package. However, according to Mo'Nique maybe I should be investing money in the network. She will be in a movie on that network soon and HBO called her. According to her HBO stands for "Helping Blacks Out."

Blackbird, a more than likely great movie, is Mo'Nique's first step back into Hollywood since Precious. She says the roles never stopped coming, but this is her special project. It stars Isaiah Washington and a new actor by the name of Julian Walker.

Similar to all the ratchet stuff, I think we should get together as a family and watch Blackbird whenever it comes on.  Thank you Roland Martin for such an excellent interview.