Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Questions The Lazarus Effect Forgot To Answer

If you saw Stephen King's Pet Sematary back in the day, then you probably have a good idea of how The Lazarus Effect goes. Actually The Lazarus Effect is a more advanced version because it features scientists and a team of people using expensive equipment. 

The scientists in this movie, Frank and Zoe, are madly in love with each other. As they speak on their experiment to Eva, a woman filming their work, they joyfully tell their story. The movie then introduces the rest of the cast. There's always the one Black guy in these movies just to insure a Black man dies. We see them finally work on their experiment. When see them fail at bringing a few animals back to life. Then a dog is successfully resurrected from the dead again, but just as they start to realize something is wrong with the dog, government officials shut them down. 

This particular group is determined to play with life and death though. They sneak back into the building they've been doing their experiments at. The weird dog they resurrected is on a leash and seems normal for the moment as it follows them. They start up their experiment again, but something is wrong with the power. When the power acts funny, everyone panics and then it is discovered that Zoe has been electrocuted and died. What killed her is the wedding (or engagement) ring given to her by Frank. He's devastated and can't just let her be gone. Zoe was the love of his life, so he decides to bring her back to life. The others are against it, but they don't want to leave him alone. These are where the unanswered questions come into play. There were several questions the movie forgot to answer and I'm still curious about them. 

Did The Dream Mean Zoe Actually Died As A Kid? 
I'm slightly fascinated with the idea that a person can possibly escape death. I'm even more fascinated that a person can die and come back on their own will. It's been proven before. In this movie both Zoe and Eva are having nightmares about how as a kid Zoe watched these people burn behind a locked door. The one image replays throughout the movie to scare us. However, it is never really explained. When Zoe comes back to life she says something about how she's been dead for years, so could she have actually died in that fire but came back to life as a kid? That would explain her saying she's been dead for years, but the movie never explains the statement. 

What Happened To The Dog? 
The dog was weird. One moment it wasn't eating at all and the next moment it had superhuman powers. It was mean like the cat in Pet Sematary and it ate everything in the kitchen. The dog also kept breaking out of its cage whenever it wanted to. I don't know why they kept putting it back like it wouldn't just get right back out. The dog was in its own world until Zoe started to get in touch with her powers. She did something to it, but the movie didn't tell what. She also never told everyone what she did to the dog. It was just gone. 

Who Was Recording Them? 
Everyone knew that the computer they put all their documents on had a secret camera taking all their information, but no one knew who. This obviously means they weren't the only that knew a person could be resurrected from the dead and of course it means someone saw everyone get killed. 

Why Does Everyone Always Die? 
Although I knew there was no room for survivors in the predictable script, it would have been nice for someone to live.