Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Can We Still Aim For A Traditional Family In 2015? (#HollywoodDivas)

Some women still have that image of the perfect family. They want a husband, kids, and a loving home to raise those kids in. They can't bare the thought of having any children outside of wedlock because it goes against what they've already planned for themselves and how they were raised. However, should they still hold onto that image in 2015?

Everything on reality television is old, but it comes off as new to us. Back in April the Hollywood Divas (Golden Brooks, Paula Jai Parker, Lisa Wu, Elise Neal, and Char Jackson) joined Tom Joyner's Fantastic Voyage cruise. Since we weren't there to see them in action, some scenes have appeared on the 2nd season of Hollywood Divas. You would think these women were having the time of their lives on this cruise, but clearly it wasn't all fun. Some conversations became very serious.

One conversation revolved around having children. During a panel discussion the women with children were asked how they manage to tend to their kids while having busy careers. After sharing their answers someone asked Elise did she feel bad for not having any children. She responded by saying no because she wanted to have children the traditional way.

Traditional means a two parent household with both parents being the biological parents to the children. It also means having the house filled with love and positive vibes.

Traditional isn't exactly a thought that crosses our minds when we think of having children though. So much happens. One minute a man is sexing us unprotected and the next he's acting clueless as to how we could be two or three months pregnant. Some of us find that man we think we'll spend the rest of our lives with, but then shit happens. Whoever created divorce papers knew that some people would rather easily walk away from problems than try to solve them. Then there are some of us that never seem to find that love in a significant other, but we still want to fulfill our maternal instincts.

All of the women except for Elise Neal are mothers. Not all of them found offense to her traditional statement, but some did. Golden Brooks felt that it was leaving out other loving mothers. Golden is a single mom.

Do you think wanting a traditional family is a problem in 2015? Should we not say out loud that we'd rather be with the man of our dreams and have a wedding ring when we reproduce to protect the women that aren't living that way?