Sunday, August 2, 2015


The craziest argument broke out on Basketball Wives LA and it all stemmed from the FUPA. 

Well Draya initially told Jackie to remove Mehgan's FUPA from whatever international commercial Mehgan was starring in for Jackie. Jackie then asked Draya what it stood for and apparently it means Fat Upper Pussy Area. It wasn't hard to notice it was a problem in a scene. The man editing the video knew exactly where the problem was located without any direction. During the night of commercial viewing the FUPA was brought up again and Mehgan was in denial. The liquor made Jackie say it in front of everyone. 

The viewing party is over and there's another scene. This scene is supposed to be dedicated to a breast cancer event, but FUPA becomes the center of conversation again. Instead of being loving, Jackie has turned against Draya after a one on one conversation with Mehgan. So all the women in the room discuss FUPA and the use of the word at the party. Then apologies that go in one ear and out the other gets said.

Shaunie finally starts to speak up, but she's as messy as the other women. Evelyn and Lozada and Tami Roman makes appearances, but neither of them say FUPA. 

These women clearly don't want to have a FUPA, but I've heard it said so much that it's embedded in my vocabulary.