Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oops! There Goes That Cheating Man's Business All Over The Web

Once upon a time when a man cheated the best way to get back at him was to ruin his personal belongings and mess up his credit. 

Well, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes accidentally set Andre Rison's house on fire trying to burn some of his belongings. Then of course Blu Cantell set the record straight on how we're really supposed to act when he starts acting up with her hit song Hit 'Em Up Style. However, it seems like the days of just messing up some of his stuff is over thanks to the internet. It's now all about putting him on blast for the whole world to see. 

For instance MediaTakeOut posted an article about a woman who explained to her Facebook friends and family exactly why she is divorcing her husband. The article involves details of him sucking another man off. Those same photos are currently on her profile because she's taking delight in bringing him down before she leaves him. What she failed to mention was that she helping her husband pick out men for the two to get freaky with, but that part would have destroyed her purpose. 

Then there is the very popular screenshot button. Many women and men have used this button to embarrass the Hell out of each other and of course repost fun stuff. However, there are people who use it to kill their significant other's self esteem or as a tool of showing why the relationship is ending. A blogger who travels a lot just used that button for her own personal misfortune in the dating department. The screenshots were conversations between him and her about doing laundry. However, her purpose for posting them was to show the other women who had reached out of her about his cheating ways. 

Does any of this sound crazy to you? I'm a private person until I can at least get a good feel for what kind a man I'm dealing with. However, even if a man did me wrong I'd never go as far as putting all his business on my social media pages. I'd rather keep the embarrassment levels low. Would you use social media to call your significant other out?