Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gilbert Arenas Is Not The Father!!!

While Gilbert Arenas gave Laura Govan all the babies when they were together, he is letting everyone know she is the only mother of his children. Via Instagram, Gilbert let all of us know that Draya's son is not one of his children. He never had a child by her. He only gave her money to move to move to California. I wish I had a male friend like that.

If you're a man and you're reading this, would you give a woman money to move to another city and follow her career aspirations?

Read Gilbert's long IG note below.

THEY TOOK the bet No take backs!!!..so I'll end this quick ,from the Internet draya son was born 11 yrs ago that should be around 2003-4.. my teammate @dsteve92 intoduced me too draya feb 4th 2008 while we were playing #76ers I took my (rook) @swaggyp1 with me becuz i forced him to go with me everywhere and be my slave....BUT that means draya son was atleast 4 years old when I met her,me and her were coo friends...the summer of 2010 I was getting a gag order on #laura so she wouldn't waste her whole time running my name in the dirt with lies on #bbwla...Draya was casted but since the show wasn't paying her to move to Cali to shoot and live we came to an agreement if I help *u move too persue ur career in hollywood u wouldn't talk about me on that show* adding to #laurasMediablasting becuz at this point in my life I had the shaq rumor, gun charge, probation,got served on a nba court then blasted as a deadbeat father all less the 15 month...so with them filming during the summer once the new season started that show would be airing during basketball season and I'll be looking at another year of a BLACK cloud over my name so I decided to put a gag order on the whole damn show so if my name was mentioned in shooting they couldn't air it......So this is why know one understood who draya was with too be on that show becuz the show was gagged and.......I thx her for making a name for herself and not uses my name to pogo her career when she was doing interviews#respect ..I wouldn't have never entertained this story but her son is 11..my kids are 9,8,5,4 and they can access the Internet and shit like this floating around can have kids confused and it needed to stop already....#CHECKMATE #OUCH #SEXYCHOCOLATE lololol NOW THIS SITE works for me hahahaha
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