Monday, August 10, 2015

Dating Advice From Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick

As we watch Draya Michele on her last season of Basketball Wives of LA, we're also seeing just how her relationship with Orlando Scandrick is functioning. Some people might look at the details and think they're dysfunctional. The rest of us look at what is going on and take notes on how to have a cool, exciting, and maybe loving relationship with a man that makes us happy.

Draya must be doing something right because she did get an expensive engagement ring. The engagement was called off, but as of now they are still together.

A boring relationship leaves no room for fun times. It also leaves no room for arguments and breaking up, unless those arguments are about being bored and going your separate ways.

We know Draya and Orlando aren't bored. They clearly argue and they don't hide it. The media has reported that she is kinda abusive and he has ended the relationship on several occasions. However, he keeps going back to her. The exciting part of their experiences is that they've gotten so wild that Orlando has gone as far as filing a restraining order against Draya.

Or am I the only one that thinks a restraining order against a woman that you're living in the same house with is cool? For them, this recently happened in July. They were having issues, Orlando told the media he was over her and they were no longer going to get married. A few days later a restraining order was filed against her, but it also revealed she was still living with him. Then we learned that Orlando never showed up to court to enforce the restraining order, so it was all good in the upper class hood again.

There is still more to the story. Draya recently did an interview where she said there will either be a wedding or a funeral. Ooh!

Some people prefer the calm relationships. They rejoice in knowing both them and their significant other are working regular nine to five's and have just enough energy afterwards to tend to each other's needs. They live in white picket fence fantasies, have several kids, and cute puppy dogs running around the house. If you think like them, then the following advice is not for you.

To have a wonderful relationship like Orlando and Draya's you must:

  • Be willing to become a news story because all interesting relationships get talked about 
  • Be willing to go as far as breaking up with each other every couple of months because the Facebook status changes and the times apart brings you closer together during the next try 
  • Risk having a criminal record because lovers get each other arrested and file restraining orders just to be sitting by each other's side when its time to face the consequences 
  • Have a ride or commit homicide mentality because happily ever after is going to take place