Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heauxs Get Sex And Intimacy

Recently I thought about starting another blog for this goal I have in mind. It involves becoming a hoe, or heaux as I like to spell it. I'm for real about the goal.The heaux chronicles blog would hilight my adventures into meeting, maybe dating, and maybe even sexing many men. See, the goal came up at the beginning of last year when I was joking with a friend, but it's been on my mind this whole time. This is mostly because I once read somewhere that you have to explore to find your perfect me, and when women explore (too much) we are called heauxs.

However, I'm not starting a separate blog because Star Status Thoughts in the perfect place for me to discuss my crazy aspirations of being a heaux and the crazy ways I go about getting to the point of being one. See, while I love to think and talk about the millions of stars in the world, I'm searching for my own star. This star status search is about finding my hobbies, hang out spots, reaching career goals, dating, sex, finding love, and finding myself. So, you're probably wondering what the title is about?

In the past we've always thought of heauxs as losing. When you think of a heaux, you think of sex, money, maybe STD's, and possibly illegitimate children. However, that's not all heauxs are taking from men anymore. Heauxs are now being given exceptional sex and intimacy.

Now when giving heauxs sex, men are also giving them quality time. Men are getting these women alone, planning sexy nights worth remembering (even when it's after a club like in Kimbella's case with Fabolous), giving these women money to look good, and coming back for more. You see how the quality time dips into the sex acts. Well, men that aren't careful are also opening up to these women.

They're giving these women intimate moments. They're sharing their family lives, cool moments with their friends, possibly cuddling, maybe getting emotional, and they don't even love those heauxs. It's ironic that the really good women have to wait forever for a man to even want to spend his money on her, but these heauxs manage to get it all.

This actually came up after reading a heartbreaking post on a blog titled Until I Get Married. That man messed up and got intimate with a woman he didn't even love. Then she used his intimacy to hurt him. You should read it if you haven't already.

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