Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sometimes I Want To Be Called A Bitch

I have a confession to make. Khia's song "I've Been Called A Bitch" has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm going to write. Truthfully I've never been called a Bitch unless you count that one time the summer after 10th grade. He apologized later on. Then again you could also count the times where friends said it out of what they called sentiment, but does being called a Bitch count if it's not said in anger? I don't think so. I've never been called a hoe either unless you count that one time by that guy my freshman year of college, but I was a virgin. However, sometimes I just want to be called a Bitch. 

Really, I just want to be in the park one day and hear someone randomly yell out "Hey Bitch." Or I also wouldn't mind being in the grocery store and some dude randomly tell me "Bitch you fine."  I also wouldn't mind being in the club jamming to my favorite song and the lyrics say "Drop it to the floor Bitch." I'd drop it and say yeah he's talking about me. Then again I wouldn't mind being at work and someone goes "That's a boss Bitch." According to Nicki Minaj in that MTV documentary being called a Bitch when working means you're in power. Wait, I don't think you understand where I'm going with this.

See I live at home with my parents. They know when I wake up, when I go to work, when I come home, when I take baths, eat, watch television, and essentially go to sleep again. They know my every move (well when they can see it) so they have a perception of me. Their perception involves seeing me as a girl who does what she's supposed to and stays out of trouble. They get mad at me for doing little stuff like dropping imaginary crumbs on the floor and not waking up for church on Sundays, but no one ever got thrown in jail for those issues. So, in their world I'm seen as the good girl with no real life. It sounds so boring when said out loud. Then there's work.

At work I'm either the employee, the co-worker, or whatever nickname they want to call me because everywhere I go people seem to think my name is too long to pronounce. However, essentially at work I'm one of the many people striving to do a perfect job and please the customers. If that job is done to perfection at the end of the day they think of me as the tired co-worker that's ready to go home. There's not much more to it than that. It sounds boring, doesn't it.

However, being labeled a Bitch can add so many different meanings to a girl's life. For instance a girl that is a Bitch can be malicious, unpleasant, and downright selfish. I wouldn't mind being called a Bitch in that manner because sometimes to get what you want you have to be selfish.

Another meaning involves a person performing demeaning tasks for another person. This type of Bitch is what all the rappers refer to in their songs. I wouldn't mind being labeled a Bitch in that manner because songs with the word Bitch in them are always the best songs to dance to. These songs also successfully manage to get all girls out of a serious zone and into a laid back zone.

Then there's the meaning of Bitch where women take it and try to use it for power purposes. An example is saying "I'm a bad Bitch." As a woman saying "I'm a bad Bitch" is supposed to be indication that we have everything we need and want and we got it with no one's help. Men, rappers mainly, also try to give women power when using the word Bitch. Jay-Z has given Beyonce power by calling her a Bitch in several of his songs. Yo Gotti also tried to encourage women with the word in his famous song "5 Star Bitch." Sometimes I call myself a Bitch just to feel powerful, but then I wake up and look around and realize I'm just an ordinary boring woman.

A woman handles herself with the utmost respect, comes off as the perfect wife, girlfriend, or daughter, knows when she's needed or when someone needs her, and can rest her head at the end of the day knowing that she did her best. Being a woman is aiming for perfection. I don't always want to be a woman. Sometimes I just want to be called a Bitch.

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