Friday, January 20, 2012

In The News: Can You Enforce Condom Wearing?

Actually the question of enforcing condom wearing isn't in the media. Recently a law stating that porn stars in Los Angeles have to wear condoms when making their videos was enforced. This law will make it illegal for any porn star to perform sexual acts with the usage of protection. However, producers have a problem with this law.

Producers are saying that the sight of a condom will make people spend less time watching porno flicks. You can read about the new law on this website. It does seem like a good law. This law will be more helpful to the avoidance of porn stars catching sexually transmitted diseases. It could also help avoid any unwanted pregnancies. I'm guessing women who have sex for a living are still fertile.

 However, how does the law enforce a porn star to wear a condom? Do police show up on the set and watch the whole thing get taped? Can a porn star get arrested for not wearing a condom? This is interesting.

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