Sunday, January 1, 2012

Visions Of The Future: 2012 Goals, Resolutions, And Ways Of Staying Sane

It's a new year, but I haven't changed. I'm still the weird, quiet, exciting, curious, emotionally unstable, cool girl that you haven't met yet. However, if you've been following my blog you have a tiny feel for my personality. If this is your first time viewing my blog, then I promise you'll be entertained. After all my life is meant to entertain you and yours is meant to do the same. It's the only reason why we have at least 12 teachers guiding our education as we grow, advanced professors if we want to further education, parents to point us in what they feel is the right direction, and younger people observing and learning our every move. Wait...

I just talked about education, but learning to be the smartest decision maker has taken over the last 25 years of my life. This year it's not about educational practices that will lead me to the greatest money making opportunities. It's not about publishing a book, which has been a dream of mines since the second grade when the teacher laminated those pages of my short story "If I Could Fly." It's about having some fun and I've created some goals that have my 2012 fun written in stone.

I have a friend that lives in Hawaii. She's been there for what feels like forever now. She's also been pushing me to take a trip out there. However, my answer was always no since my bank account was always lacking in funds for the trip. However, by the time I purchase my Hawaii plane ticket I'll have more than enough money saved up to still enjoy the time there. The expected week for this vacation is the third week of May. It will be my friend's college graduation and also her birthday and therefore awesome.

I went to California for the first time for my 25th birthday celebration. However, in the summer, preferably July, I want to go back again. Originally I wanted to go for a conference, but the conference will not be there this year and the dates of attending the conference are horrible for my schedule. This is especially since it interferes with work and it's right after my Hawaii plan. So, I still plan to go to California and it will be an excellent trip with friends.

Then there are resolutions. Resolutions are goals, but people make these at the beginning of every year. Most of the time when people make resolutions they eventually either get lazy with going through with them or they find it hard to achieve them. Well, I have a hard to complete resolution. It is to gain 10 lbs. What makes it hard is my fast metabolism, but maybe a way will be figured out so the metabolism doesn't become a problem. Or I could give up within a month. Let's see.

Staying Sane:
Because I'm an emotionally unstable girl, along with goals and resolutions there has to be a way to sustain sanity. My way is to keep planning. If one goal cannot be accomplished another will be put in it's place. If there is a wall, I will figure out how to complete my goal by going in the opposite direction. I will plan my ass off because if I stop to think about failed plans, the world will get a headache from my complaints and depression. Planning is the key to be sane and I will use it.

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