Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poetic Heart~ Awkward Love

It's been a little over a month since I've written any poetry. This is the first poem of 2012. 

Awkward Love

In the midst of craving attention and affection I see him
His eyes scream for me to pay attention
His brown skin yearns to invite me in
Into the warm embrace of his arms
My body gets weak with the thought of his touch
The two of us touching
Our breathing becoming in sync
I imagine his mouth yearning for mines
First comes the kiss
Then our tongues manage to meet
And the moment it feels too good to be true
The moment I close my eyes
The moment his mouth starts to drift further down
It all becomes awkward
He's not looking for love
Just some girl to handle his lust
But if it's good he'll be back for more
And he does it carefully too
Slow motion to make each time memorable
But quickly enough to hold onto his personal information
We don't know much about each other
All he knows is he became my next before my ex was my ex
And I know that he doesn't see himself as the relationship type
He's admitted he's a heaux
But how many girls he's been with I'll never know
We're not boyfriend and girlfriend
Nor friends with benefits
However, the situation is so familiar it just makes sense
First we meet
His pride seems high
My fear of being hurt sits on my shoulders
So we agree to casualty
There are no steps to love in this game we play
While my mind is saying wait for a guy that's for real
My body is weak
And his kisses are sweet
Which makes it hard for me to know when to leave
When to walk away
Because if he sticks around long enough
And I start to listen to my heart
The situation will become awkward

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