Saturday, January 14, 2012

Intellectual Tips: Oral Transactions Are Fun

Or at least the phrase "oral transactions" is a really good phrase. Is there a phrase you've heard recently and now wish you would have known years ago? Well oral transactions is the phrase that I wish someone would have said a long time ago.

See I heard this phrase on television for the first time Thursday night. It came out of the mouth of Trina Braxton of Braxton Family Values. When she used the phrase she was slightly nervous because she was trying to explain to her sisters that she'd cheated on her husband. Well, it wasn't just any ordinary cheating. Without getting anything in return Trina sucked on this man's, a band mate of hers, penis (better known as a dick in the black community). Well, then again she did get something in return. After sucking him up, Trina let this man smell her vagina. Because she did what she what she did and gave his nose a little joy (maybe) the experience became an oral transaction.

Oral transactions according to Trina Braxton does mean giving a man head. Now shake your head if you've ever had an oral transaction. Don't you wish you would have thought of this phrase when you had that experience? Unlike Trina, when I talked to my friends I called it exactly what it was, giving him head. Then after saying it I wanted to clean it up and just call it oral sex. After all, oral sex is what it is professionally referred to. However, now I know about oral transactions.

But oral transactions can have other meanings too. It can apply to kissing. Kissing does involves two people interacting with each other and the physical part of kissing involves oral actions. Oral transactions can also involve flirting. You have to use your mouth to flirt. More importantly it can involve goal making when the goals are made out loud. Oral transactions can also be applied to church interaction, work life, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. With the last sentence I'm referring to every day conversation. That had to be said just in case your mind went into gutter mode.

Oral transactions are overall cool and the phrase is a new accessory to my vocabulary.

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