Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apologize For My Feelings? Jennifer Williams Visits The Breakfast Club

Two girls are best friends through thick and thin. From the beginning they have different personalities but they click well. One is a nice shy girl. The shy girl even comes off a bit bougie, but that's her lifestyle. The other is an apparent mean girl. She can come off nice when you first meet her, but don't get on her bad side. When you get on the mean girl's bad side you can never ever be friends with her again. It's instant enemies. Even if her best friend said something that pissed her off she would become enemies in a heart beat. That is exactly what has happened on Baskeball Wives. Two best friends Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams have become enemies. 

Hate is a strong word. Jennifer revealed to The Breakfast Club recently that she has no hate for Evelyn. However, the new season of Basketball Wives premiered this past Monday and Evelyn was an angry bully. Evelyn continuously said her and Jennifer would never be friends again on the show, but what is this all over? 

Apparently Jennifer did an interview a while back where she spilled her feelings on Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn's fiance. The interview and the big fight that ended their friendship was then broadcast on live television so we would all understand. Evelyn was fuming, but after all was said and done Jennifer had revealed her feelings. She couldn't take her would back because it was her opinion. The fight eventually escalated later on after a blog post had been written under Jennifer's name. The post said something along the lines of Jen named dating the same type of men as Evelyn. Those shouldn't be fighting words, but they became instant enemy words for Evelyn. 

Now Jen is doing interviews, which are requested from different reporters. Evelyn is angrier at the interviews, but they are reality stars and at the end of day the Jennifer is only expressing her opinion. They latest interview that Jennifer has done is with the Breakfast Club. You can watch below. 

On another reality television show, The Braxton Family Values, Tamar asked Toni to apologize for her feelings. Tamar was very hurt by a lot of words that had been thrown at her. On this show Evelyn's anger began when her fiance Chad was called cocky by her then best friend. I think Evelyn realized wants Jennifer to apologize for how she feels and change her opinion. 

Is there something wrong with feeling a certain way now? Should we express disinterest or dislike? Should we apologize for expressing disinterest or dislike? I'm not the apology type. 

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