Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding Happiness In The Victoria's Secret Challenge

I'm an addict of perfume and body sprays. The addiction is so strong that every once in a while I just go wild while buying fragrances. Yesterday was one of those days where I faithfully allowed myself to lose my mind. However, the loss of my mind went far beyond fragrances. It stretched to my other addiction that involves underwear.

So the fragrances were easy to grab, but the underwear was another beautiful story. Buying underwear this time involved doing the Victoria's Secret challenge. This challenge is something I read about on another blog about a month ago. The blog, which I'm too lazy to find, involved a new mother trying to discover her sexiness again.

The mother's husband had been deployed off to Iraq for some time and she'd not too long ago gave birth to their  first child. After giving birth she discovered her body had gone through some changes. Nothing felt the same anymore, especially her confidence with her sexiness. So she wanted to get her sexy feeling back. In order to do it she'd need to take a trip to the store for new underwear. Well, her choice of a store involved Victoria's Secret.

Upon going to Victoria's Secret she grabbed every cute bra and panty that caught her attention. The amount of money she spent was crazy, but the feeling was amazing. I'm not a mother and I'm not married, but my confidence wavers from time to time. Yesterday was one of those days where I needed a pick-me-up. So I remembered this woman's story and ran straight to Victoria's Secret before I grabbed my needed fragrances.

The trip to Victoria's Secret did not lead to crazy money being spent. However, I did purchase a VS bra for the first time. It was strange spending over $30 on one bra. Then came the underwear grabbing. That was so much fun. To add to it I always brought a cute VS shirt and some teeny shorts. They were expensive, but worth the buy.

During another down and out time I'm preparing to do this all over again.

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