Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rita Ora~ R.I.P (2012 Music)

I'm a fan of Rita Ora. There's a new truth to me. I used to be a huge Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap fan. However, at 25 I can proudly admit I've crossed over to loving other musical genres.

 Maybe it was when I became a fan of Rihanna. Maybe it was Usher crossing over to a different genre of music that caught my attention. It could have something to do with Chris Brown being talented in everything he touches. You know Mya no longer does R&B tracks. Yeah, Mya is mostly a techno singer now. Anyway, now that I've crossed the barrier and opened my eyes I've become a fan of Rita Ora.

Rita Ora has a new song out called R.I.P. Apparently it was originally done by Drake, but it sounds great sung by her. Listen to both versions below.

I could actually create a poem off of this. Yeah, that's coming. Oh and maybe I just really noticed her talent because Jay-Z has backed her up as his next blow-up artist and Necole Bitchie took the time to blog about it.

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